Good day! My name is Jordan and I am part of Cameco's human resources team in Saskatoon.

When I saw the postings about the Step Up for Mental Health walk/run, I knew that I wanted to participate to promote physical and mental health. I want to challenge myself and start training for long distance running again. Then when I saw that the Step Up committee wanted a blogger to share their experience, it spoke to me. I’m treating 2019 as a bit of a Redemption Year, so I’m very happy to be sharing my experiences and why I think it is so important to be talking about mental health.

Over the next few weeks, I’d like to share some of my experiences with mental health issues, specifically anxiety and depression, and how I’ve dealt with these issues. One of the biggest issues surrounding any mental health issue is understanding. It's important to be aware of what the issues are, and how they can affect you and those around you.

I’ve often heard people use the terms “anxiety" and "feeling down” but I never really had a full understanding until I experienced them myself. Over the past few years, I’ve experienced a lot of changes and moved from province to province. Most of the moving had to do with me being dissatisfied with my situation and feeling anxious and down, and moving to a new city was my solution. Now that I’m close to home (I grew up in La Ronge) and feeling better, I can look back and see how my choices affected my mental health. Looking back, I have to remember not to be too hard on myself and realize that many people deal with the same issues that I’ve gone through. I was fortunate to have family members who knew what I was going through and were able to talk me through some of the hardest times. Being open to learning about anxiety and depression is very important. Someone you know may go through these issues at some point and you might be able to help.

If you broke your leg, you’d go to a doctor. If you got a cold, you might have some home remedies that work for you. If they didn’t work, you’d go to the doctor. I think the same applies with mental health issues. For some, you may have remedies at home and you can deal with them on your own. For others, you might have to see a doctor. The important thing is to understand that eventually you will feel better.

Join me every Monday as I blog about different topics leading up to the May 11 run. Hope to see you all there.