Good Day and welcome back to my blog!

This is my final blog before the Step Up event and I would like to talk about what I believe is most important for everyone to understand and practice in regards to mental health - breaking the stigma.

There is such a stigma surrounding mental health issues and that’s what can make these issues hard to realize, hard to face and ultimately hard to change. In my opinion, it is one of the biggest hurdles when facing your mental health issues. This belief that you are losing your mind or going crazy is actually just preventing you from helping yourself. People may not admit they are depressed or feeling anxious out of a fear of judgment. The idea that feelings of anxiety and depression make you weak or sick and that you need medication and professional help. These are all things that add to the stigma of mental health.

I am glad that speaking about mental health and learning how it affects everyone is becoming more and more prevalent. I feel that in the past if you were to talk about depression or anxiety, it would be very “hush, hush” and a problem that you don’t share with anyone besides your doctor. Now, when you admit to having struggles or you’re dealing with mental health problems, there is more understanding and that progress is positive.

I think we all want to be happy in our lives, but it’s not necessarily a destination that you can say you’ve fully arrived at. I think it’s something that you can develop on your own. It’s important to realize that you will have some good times and some tough times, but in the end, things will work out. If you need to see a doctor, take medication and attend therapy, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. If you don’t, that’s fine too.

It’s all about taking that first step to get help, and then finding a good balance, good coping mechanisms and a good support system to help you get through any tough times that you may face in the future.

Thanks for tuning into my blogs over the last few months, it really has been a great experience to share my thoughts on something that is very meaningful to me. I’ve gotten amazing feedback from everyone. It’s hard to believe eight weeks have passed and it’s almost run time. I’m ready for my 10 km and I hope to see you all out there on race day!