Looking for a route to complete your Step Up run/walk in Saskatoon?

Here are some sample courses for you to try out whenever you'd like. They're great training tools!

Remember to watch for traffic and pedestrians and stay safe!

Cameco 5K

  1. Park in the south lot at Cameco (2121 – 11th St. W).
  2. Head east along Dudley Street until you reach Spadina Crescent.
  3. Head north along the trail, past the Water Treatment Plant and behind the Victoria Boathouse.
  4. Take the fork right and go approximately 300 metres until you reach the next fork in the path and turn around. Return to Cameco along the same route.

Stonebridge 5K

  1. Park at Chief Whitecap School (812 Gordon Rd.).
  2. From the front entrance, head east on Hartley Road.
  3. When you reach the roundabout, head southeast on Hunter Road.
  4. Turn east at Sutter Place and follow Sutter Crescent all the way back to Hunter Road and then head south to the roundabout.
  5. Move west along Vic Boulevard towards Alexander MacGillivray Young Park and then turn left and follow Stonebridge Common along the southern perimeter of the park.
  6. At Galloway Road, head west to Fawcett Crescent and turn right.
  7. Turn right again at McIntosh Street and head to Gordon Road.
  8. Run past the front of the school and turn right onto Stonebridge Common and finish at the east parking lot.

Downtown 5K

  1. Start on the upper trail across from the Medical Arts Building (750 Spadina Cr. E).
  2. Head southwest along Spadina, under the Broadway Bridge.
  3. At the Victoria Avenue roundabout, turn right and stick to 19th Street which will guide you over the Broadway Bridge. Be sure to follow one-way pedestrian directions for crossing the bridge.
  4. Follow Broadway Avenue south and turn right onto 9th Street.
  5. Continue west to McPherson Avenue and turn right. Make sure you have your feet under you as you negotiate this downhill section.
  6. At 11th Street, turn right and head east to Victoria Avenue.
  7. Turn left on Victoria and head south over the Traffic Bridge. Again, beware of the downhill section and make sure you’re on the east sidewalk (the side closer to Broadway) so you can access the one-way walkway over the bridge.
  8. At the roundabout, dip onto the Meewasin trail and head east under the Broadway Bridge. Follow the trail all the way back and finish on the lower trail, just below where you started.

Downtown 10K

  1. Start on the upper trail across from St. Paul Co-Cathedral (intersection of Spadina Cr. E and 22 St. E).
  2. Head southwest along Spadina, under the Broadway Bridge. You can dip down to Meewasin Trail once you pass the bridge.
  3. At the Victoria Avenue roundabout, turn left and head south over the Traffic Bridge. Make sure you’re on the west sidewalk (the side closer to Idylwyld) so you can access the one-way walkway over the bridge.
  4. At the top of the bridge, turn left and head west along Saskatchewan Crescent.
  5. Follow Saskatchewan Crescent approximately 1.6 km to the entrance of Gabriel Dumont Park on your right.
  6. Continue south on the trail approximately 5 km to Gordie Howe Bridge.
  7. Turn right onto the bridge walkway and turn right again when you get to the other side.
  8. Follow Spadina Crescent north approximately 1.3 km to where the trail begins on your right.
  9. Take the trail past the Water Treatment Plant and through Victoria Park towards River Landing.
  10. Remain on the trail under Buckwold Bridge and then take a left, working your way towards Remai Modern and the upper trail.
  11. Follow the upper trail to the Victoria Ave. roundabout and continue east on Spadina (or dip down and take the trail east under the Broadway Bridge).
  12. Once past the bridge, follow the upper trail along Spadina, past the Bessborough and finish where you started across from St. Paul Co-Cathedral.

Cosmopolitan Park 10K

  1. Start at Cosmopolitan Park between 16th and 17th Streets on Saskatchewan Cr. E.
  2. Head north on Spadina, taking the path under University Bridge.
  3. Continue north on the path to Circle Drive Bridge.
  4. Cross the bridge heading west on the pedestrian walkway.
  5. Turn left onto the path adjacent to Spadina and follow it south to University Bridge.
  6. As you approach University Bridge, dip down to the path leading under the bridge and come up on the south sidewalk.
  7. Cross the bridge heading east.
  8. At the top of the bridge, turn right onto Saskatchewan Crescent and follow it to Broadway Bridge.
  9. Turn left onto Broadway Avenue.
  10. Turn left again at 12th Street and dip down to University Drive.
  11. Follow University Drive northeast to 18th Street.
  12. Turn left onto 18th and finish at Saskatchewan Crescent.