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Each Thursday, leading up to race-day on May 11th, CTV Saskatoon broadcast Step Up Training Tips to help registrants prepare for the event.

Ready...set...GO! Watch the final edition of the Cameco Step Up for Mental Health training tips. Get yourself a couple nights of great sleep, and we'll see you at the race on Saturday!
CTV's Mike Ciona chats with Cameco's Jonathan Huntington about the Step Up race day activities.
CTV's Mike Ciona talks with Tarrant Crosschild about the power of running and mental health in this week's Step Up Training Tips.
Learn to prevent injuries with the proper running form. CTV's Mike Ciona gets some tips on proper running form from Jen Kripki of
Have you lost focus on your training goals? Jen Kripki, of, gives CTV's Mike Ciona some tips to help get back on track when it comes to running.
Choosing the right shoe for the job - Brian Michasiw from BrainSport talks about the best shoe and the best fit.
Jen Kripki,, talks about the importance of starting your Step Up training slowly to build toward the May 11th race-day.

In this first instalment, watch Brian Michasiw from BrainSport, one the Step Up partners, talk about the campaign.