Cameco Fund for Mental Health

The Cameco Fund for Mental Health, administered by the Saskatoon Community Foundation, funds projects and programs that make a difference for mental health in Saskatchewan.

Summary of 2020 grants

ALS Society of Saskatchewan Inc.

Each year in Saskatchewan, between 150 to 200 people are diagnosed with ALS. Unfortunately, this progressive disease has no cure and patients face a premature end to life. Funding helps ensure that these people and their families have access to professional support to navigate the emotional and mental challenges of their diagnosis.

Grant: $25,000

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Battlefords Concern for Youth Inc.: Youth Connection

Concern for Youth is a non-profit, charitable organization that provides outreach and mentorship to youth in the Battlefords. The Youth Connection project creates opportunities for youth to develop positive relationships with peers and adults, while also acquiring knowledge and skills to successfully transition into adulthood.

Grant: $10,000

Learn more about Battlefords Concern for Youth

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Saskatoon & Area: Mental Health Training

Big Brothers Big Sisters’ mission is “to enable life-changing mentoring relationships to ignite the power and potential of young people.” Many youth participants face four or more adversities in their daily lives, including mental health challenges. This project trains mentors in early-intervention and prevention practices.

Grant: $23,270

Learn more about Big Brothers Big Sisters of Saskatoon

BridgePoint Centre for Eating Disorders: Recovery Programming for Youth and Caregivers

In addition to providing on-site residential programming for youth experiencing eating disorders, BridgePoint provides educational campaigns for clubs, schools and post-secondary institutions. To overcome COVID-19 restrictions, BridgePoint is developing online resources and virtual support to provide timely, inclusive and low-barrier programming for youth and their caregivers.

Grant: $20,000

Learn more about Bridgeport Centre for Eating Disorders

Canada Recess Guardians Inc.: Active8 Your School

Active8 is a seasonal box program that includes equipment, games and challenges to keep students active and engaged while maintaining social-distancing guidelines. This project benefits 26 schools in the Meadow Lake Tribal Council.

Grant: $24,960

Learn more about Canada Recess Guardians

Crocus Co-operative: Transitional Employment

Crocus Co-operative provided a safe drop-in environment for people recovering from mental illness and promotes growth of its members through vocational, educational, recreational and social programs. The Transitional Employment program supports Crocus members living with mental illness and allows them to earn income in a supported environment.

Grant: $13,484.15

Learn more about Crocus Co-operative

Elmwood Residences Inc.: Transforming Employee Mental Health

Based in Saskatoon, Elmwood Residences is a residential support service for adults with intellectual disabilities. Funding will help implement the Not Myself Today program which is specifically designed to support employee mental health. Elmwood employs 200 staff at multiple locations including 11 community homes.

Grant: $3,950

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Inclusion Saskatchewan: Family Network

Inclusion Saskatchewan supports families who have a member with an intellectual disability. The Family Network program provides these families with peer connections and workshops to promote positive mental health. Strategies focus on countering isolation and dealing with stress and anxiety.

Grant: $25,000

Learn more about Inclusion Saskatchewan

Kineepik Metis Local: Reclaiming Our Families

Based in Pinehouse, this return-to-nature program empowers families to connect, problem solve and cope with addictions. In addition to using traditional practices such as sharing circles with elders, the program invites participation from community agencies to foster family healing and recovery.

Grant: $8,270.44

Learn more about the Village of Pinehouse

Lloydminster Interval Home Society: Lloydminster Community Youth Centre Mental Health Support Program

The Lloydminster Community Youth Centre provides youth with drop-in recreational and social experiences along with emotional and mental health support, mentorship and leadership opportunities. The program also provides virtual circle talks, curbside wellness checks and care packages.

Grant: $25,000

Learn more about Lloydminster Interval Home Society

Quint Development Corporation: Build Up Saskatoon

Build Up Saskatoon is a non-profit social enterprise that provides entry-level construction employment to marginalized job seekers. Many employees face challenges such as social anxiety and PTSD stemming from the legacy of residential schools, poverty, violence and discrimination. A cultural support worker connects them to supports for these issues.

Grant: $25,000

Learn more about Build Up Saskatoon

SaskAbilities Swift Current: Wellness and Therapeutic Mental Health Support for Young Adults

This project fills a gap in services not readily available to 18- to 30-year-old individuals living with mental illness in southwestern Saskatchewan. By providing therapeutic sessions with a psychologist as well as activities such as yoga and art therapy, the goal is to enhance self-esteem, coping skills and overall health.

Grant: $15,810

Learn more about SaskAbilities Swift Current

SaskAbilities Saskatoon: Art Therapy and Resiliency Training for Individuals Experiencing Disability

SaskAbilities delivers recreational, rehabilitation and vocational programs to people with disabilities. This project focuses on resiliency training and art therapy. Resiliency training enhances quality of life by decreasing stress and anxiety. Art therapy provides individuals with diverse needs an alternative way to process and express complicated emotions.

Grant: $10,000

Learn more about SaskAbilities

Saskatoon Community Youth Arts Programming: Exploring the Role of Art Therapy and Youth Engagement as a Mental Health Strategy

SCYAP addresses the social, educational and economic needs of young people facing barriers. The program uses participants’ artistic interests to engage them in personal development activities that ultimately lead to healthier and happier lives. This project extends SCYAP’s outreach, potentially reaching 500 youth through online art therapy workshops that explore mental health themes.

Grant: $25,000

Learn more about SCYAP

Saskatoon Friendship Inn: Supporting Mental Health Services

The Friendship Inn serves up to 1,000 meals per day to vulnerable and marginalized citizens in Saskatoon. This project will enable visitors to access an experienced and knowledgeable social worker who can connect them to mental health programming and services.

Grant: $25,000

Learn more about Saskatoon Friendship Inn

Saskatoon Tribal Council: Mental Health Bus

The Saskatoon Tribal Council is made up of seven communities whose members face barriers to health services. A new mobile bus service will offer a range of services, including mental health support, so that people don’t have to leave their communities for care.

Grant: $25,000

Learn more about Saskatoon Tribal Council Health & Family Services

Sasknative Rentals Inc.: Building Culturally Appropriate Mental Health Care for Indigenous Peoples

Sasknative Rentals is a non-profit corporation that provides safe and affordable housing via approximately 400 properties in Saskatoon. With this initiative, frontline staff will receive access to mental health first aid and suicide prevention courses. Other goals include connecting tenants with elders and culturally appropriate support.

Grant: $18,006

Learn more about Sasknative Rentals

Schizophrenia Society of Saskatchewan: Saskatoon Office Renewal Project

The Schizophrenia Society of Saskatchewan provides information, support and programming to individuals and families affected by schizophrenia. This project builds on the efforts to re-establish a Saskatoon office last year.

Grant: $18,282.96

Learn more about Schizophrenia Society of Saskatchewan

Suicide Grief Support Saskatoon Inc.: Suicide Grief Support

Suicide Grief Support Saskatoon provides support to individuals who have lost a loved one to suicide. Through this project, facilitators will receive training in mental health first aid and Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST). Funding will also support renewal of library resources and acquisition of A/V equipment for therapy groups.

Grant: $3,500

Learn more about Suicide Grief Support Saskatoon

The Lighthouse Supported Living: Building Resiliency Within Essential Workers During a Pandemic

The Lighthouse provides emergency shelter, supported living, affordable housing and a range of support services. As essential workers in a pandemic, Lighthouse staff have faced increased stress, fatigue and anxiety. This project provides mental health supports for staff so that they can build resiliency and continue to support clients.

Grant: $16,650

Learn more about Lighthouse Supported Living

Town of Aberdeen: Mental Health Presentations for Youth

Aberdeen Composite School’s student population is approximately 350. This project will deliver a series of 12 mental health presentations from various organizations including Life is Worth Living, OUT Saskatoon, Canadian Mental Health Association, Strengthen Families Saskatoon and many more.

Grant: $3,600

Learn more about Aberdeen Composite School

YWCA Saskatoon: ASIST and Mental Health First Aid Training

YWCA Saskatoon provides both preventative and emergent services to women, girls and their families. Through this project, 47 staff members will receive training in mental health first aid. Shelter staff will also receive Applied Suicide Intervention Skill Training (ASIST).

Grant: $19,000

Learn more about YWCA Saskatoon

Summary of 2019 grants

Break the Barrier: Project Voice

Break the Barrier is a group of community partners and volunteers whose objective is to eliminate stigma and discrimination experienced every day by people living with mental illness and substance-use disorders. Project Voice participants benefit from sharing their wisdom, experience, hope and recovery stories with the public, who will, in turn, benefit by challenging their own preconceived ideas and understandings.

Grant: $15,000

Learn more about Break the Barrier: Project Voice

Calder Centre: Yoga Enhancement Project

Calder Centre’s project aims to help clients improve their mental health though the addition of yoga and mindfulness classes with a skilled instructor who specializes in trauma-informed yoga.

Grant: $25,000

Learn more about the Yoga Enhancement Project

Canadian Mental Health Association Saskatoon Branch: RISE – Resilience, Information, Support and Empathy

RISE reduces stigma while providing critical mental health information and training for Grade 10 and 12 students at Bedford Road and Mount Royal collegiates. The program also delivers wellness workshops to E.D. Feehan, Aden Bowman and Bishop James Mahoney high schools.

Grant: $25,000

Learn more about RISE

Central Urban Métis Federation Incorporated: Sohkeyihtam – We are steadfast. Our determination is strong. We are strong minded.

The Central Urban Métis Federation Inc. is a community-based organization enlisted by the Ministry of Social Services to be a safe haven for children who have suffered trauma. This project will provide immediate mental health support for children in CUMFI’s programs.

Grant: $25,000

Learn more about the Central Urban Métis Federation

Child of the Cross Running Clinics: New Balance Race Series

Child of the Cross brings a message of hope and restoration to communities by sharing the benefits of living a healthy and active lifestyle. This project brings running clinics and a race series to four communities: Ochapowace Nation, North Battleford, Cumberland House and Rockglen.

Grant: $16,000

Learn more about Child of the Cross Running Clinics

Family Service Saskatoon: Mental Health and Well-being Groups

Family Service Saskatoon serves individuals, families and the community to nurture safe, healthy and respectful relationships. This project provides therapeutic groups for those who face barriers accessing mental health services. The groups focus on: 1) anxiety and depression, 2) building resilience, 3) social media and mental health, and 4) anger management.

Grant: $25,000

Learn more about Family Service Saskatoon

Learning Disabilities Association of Saskatchewan: Prince Albert Mental Health Project

Learning Disabilities Association of Saskatchewan provides academic upgrading programs for people with challenges such as learning disabilities, ADHD, anxiety, depression and socio-economic barriers. This Prince Albert-based project supports students whose goal is to attain an adult education certificate.

Grant: $15,000

Learn more about the Learning Disabilities Association of Saskatchewan

Métis Addictions Council of Saskatchewan Inc.: Aftercare program – Prince Albert

Métis Addictions Council of Saskatchewan Inc. is a provincial organization that supports individuals in their quest to reduce substance dependence. The Prince Albert centre has 16 beds for inpatient care and provides additional services that focus on MACSI's three pillars: prevention/harm reduction; intervention and aftercare.

Grant: $20,000

Learn more about the Aftercare Program - Prince Albert

Métis Addictions Council of Saskatchewan Inc.: Aftercare program – Saskatoon

Métis Addictions Council of Saskatchewan Inc. is a provincial organization that supports individuals in their quest to reduce substance dependence. The Saskatoon centre has 15 beds for inpatient care and provides additional services that focus on MACSI's three pillars: prevention/harm reduction; intervention and aftercare.

Grant: $9,985

Learn more about the Aftercare Program - Saskatoon

North Saskatchewan Independent Living Centre: Mental Health First Aid for Non-Profit Workers

The North Saskatchewan Independent Living Centre promotes the independence of people with disabilities. This project trains non-profit workers in Mental Health First Aid, preparing them to confidently navigate situations involving mental health. Training locations include Saskatoon, Regina, Moose Jaw, North Battleford, La Ronge, Prince Albert, Estevan and Yorkton.

Grant: $25,000

Learn more about Mental Health First Aid for Non-Profit Workers

Northern Village of Beauval Minor Sports and Recreation: Addressing Mental Health Using Traditional Lifestyle Activities

Beauval’s project provides free cultural, sport and recreational programming. In addition to mental health awareness activities, this program encourages health lifestyles by organizing sporting activities and traditional Indigenous activities such as log sawing and hauling, bannock making, storytelling and medicine walks.

Grant: $15,000

Learn more about Addressing Mental Using Traditional Lifestyle Activities

Persons Living with AIDS Network of Saskatchewan. Inc.: Niiya Wikiwaahk (Our Lives) Project 2020

The Persons Living with AIDS Network of Saskatchewan provides programs and services for those infected or affected by HIV. This project brings together HIV-positive clients and peers to work with a personal development coach towards physical, mental, emotional and spiritual/cultural wellness.

Grant: $24,824

Learn more about Niiya Wikiwaahk (Our Lives) Project 2020

Saskatchewan Association for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured: Acquired Brain Injury Family and Caregiver Support 2020

The Saskatchewan Association for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured provides support for survivors of acquired brain injuries, along with their families and caregivers. This project focuses on the family support program with goals of: developing resiliency; and addressing issues of disenfranchised grief and ambiguous loss. Sessions are facilitated by a clinical psychologist and an art therapist.

Grant: $25,000

Learn more about Saskatchewan Association for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured

Saskatchewan Health Authority - Early Psychosis Intervention Program: Recreational Activity Group

The Early Psychosis Intervention Program supports clients between the ages of 18-35 who are experiencing their first episodes of psychosis. The recreational activity group allows participants to engage in healthy, meaningful activities in the community to improve mental wellness and reduce stigma.

Grant: $680

Learn more about the Saskatchewan Health Authority

Saskatoon Crisis Intervention Service Inc.: Trauma-Informed Service – Staff Education and Support

Saskatoon Crisis Intervention Service provides 24-hour support, caring and connection for people in crisis. By providing education in trauma-informed care to mobile crisis workers, intensive case management workers, administrative staff, management and its board of directors, SCIS aims to provide more effective responses to those they serve.

Grant: $24,500

Learn more about Saskatoon Crisis Intervention Service

Saskatoon Housing Coalition, Inc.: Stability Through Household Support Services

Saskatoon Housing Coalition Inc. provides supportive residential services for people with a chronic mental illness. These residents also struggle with challenges such as community acceptance, addictions and poverty. This project’s focus is to assist clients facing mental health and substance-use issues by addressing both issues at the same time.

Grant: $25,000

Learn more about Saskatoon Housing Coalition

Saskatoon Open Door Society: Art Therapy for Immigrant and Refugee Youth

The Saskatoon Open Door Society helps newcomers settle into their new lives in Canada. Many refugee children need trauma-informed and culturally appropriate mental health services. The art therapy program uses non-verbal tools such as drawing, painting, storytelling and crafts to help them express their emotions and explore their traumatic experiences.

Grant: $22,000

Learn more about the Saskatoon Open Door Society

Saskatoon Trades and Skills Centre: Mental Health Awareness

Saskatoon Trades and Skills Centre works with marginalized youth and adults. This project provides Mental Health First Aid facilitator training to a staff member so that they can conduct workshops on the same to students in the Early Childhood Education certificate program.

Grant: $4,440

Learn more about Saskatoon Trades & Skills

Sasknative Rentals Inc.: Indigenous Mental Wellness and Healing – Balancing Mind, Spirit, Emotion and Body

Sasknative Rentals Inc. provides safe, affordable and adequate housing for Métis people in Saskatoon. Many clients suffer from addictions and most live with diagnosed mental illnesses. Residents live independently in their own apartments but are able to access on-site cultural peer support, case managers and clinicians when needed.

Grant: $14,488

Learn more about Sasknative Rentals

Schizophrenia Society of Saskatchewan: Saskatoon Office Renewal Program

The Schizophrenia Society of Saskatchewan provides information, support and programming. Re-establishing a Saskatoon office helps provide ongoing support to local families and individuals who are living with a mental health diagnosis.

Grant: $18,283

Learn more about the Schizophrenia Society of Saskatchewan

University of Saskatchewan: USask Mental Health First Aid and Livingworks safeTALK

The University of Saskatchewan’s goal is to train 1,100 students in Mental Health First Aid and/or Livingworks safeTALK. Providing this education creates a safety network around individuals struggling with mental health issues. Those trained in Mental Health First Aid will be equipped to identify and intervene and provide care.

Grant: $24,800

Learn more about USask Mental Health First Aid and Livingworks safeTALK